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Wireless Connectivity

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Local Authority ICT spend will increase in 2009 thumbnail
Local Authority ICT spend will increase in 2009 thumbnail

A) Overview

Wireless connectivity is the transfer of information without the use of wires. Some examples of wireless connectivity are two-way radio's, cellular telephones, personal digital assistant's, and wireless networking. Wireless operations permit services, such as long range communications, that are impossible or impractical to implement with the use of wires. The term is commonly used in the telecommunications industry to refer to telecommunications systems (e.g. radio transmitters and receivers, remote controls, computer networks, network terminals, bluetooth etc.) which use some form of energy to transfer information without the use of wires. .A very common example of wireless connectivity the is well known is Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is a term that means something around the lines of wireless internet. It is a big part of our lives today. Wi-Fi gives the capabilty of owning a laptop and being able to connect from anywhere in you house. We have gone from connecting through a phone line to getting wireless internet access which is just another example of our world evolving. It is also a short term solution to a long term problem because of the fact that the world will evolve past wi-fi. A short example is that people can make a 3g wireless hot spot from their phone.

Wireless connectivity helps devices like the iPad bloom too. The fact that access to Internet is not only limited inside the house and that devices like iPad are more convienient to carry makes portable devices more outstanding than devices like desktop computers and as technology develops, eventually these devices would be able to process effectively as home devices, and become more widespread to people.

The trends in wireless connectivity are soaring in numbers. The cell phone usage in the United States now exceeds land line usage and has close up to 200 million American cell phone lines in operation. Laptops are more popular and used more nowadays than regular desktops, and most of the laptops have a standard feature of going wireless. More small businesses are finding ways to incorporate wireless technology into their daily work, and American firms are even finding more ways to add wireless products into their everyday job. Also, wireless connectivity decreases the expensive cost of laying fiber and cabling and provide backup functionality for wired networks. They even allow establishing connections across long distances and make it possible to obtain data from anywhere in the world.

These days, people take Wireless Connectivity for granted. Most everybody has some sort of wireless connectivity in their home. Remote controls, for example, are very popular. If you have a television, you have a remote control.
Another source of wireless connectivity is a Bluetooth. They have become very popular, mostly in work places. Bluetooths seem to get better and better as the years go by. These devices have gotten much more convenient for everyone.
Wi-Fi continues to grow in the world. It’s evolving in tons of products. Most of the restaurants around the United States are Wi-Fi hot spots. Many people on their lunch breaks go there to do work, because they can eat and work. It’s convenient for a lot of people!
More examples of products with Wireless connectivity are cell phones; Lap tops, wireless keyboards, and wireless printers. These products make life so much easier. Without wires you can go different places and still be connected.
Wireless Connectivity helps in all aspects of the world. Including, in medical, educational, and fitness settings. Ever since Wi-Fi was invented, consumers have had to do less and less. With Wireless Connectivity, the computers do most of the work, while the consumer just tells it what to do.
Despite the facts of the convenience of wireless devices by the absence of a wire problem, wireless connectivity has its own problems. There have been many problems with connecting a client (computer, laptop, ipad, etc.) to another client or to a server. Though many problems dealing with passwords matching up from both sources (client to server) happen, those problems don't necessarily have to do with whether your connection is wireless or not. The biggest problem with wireless connection is with the wireless signal. The signal becomes weak or is disconnected usually during bad weather and at the beginning during setup when connections aren't connected properly. However, it helps to have wires in case of wireless problems, then you are not left completely without internet access if the network is up. You also want to test the modem using wires at the beginning to see if the connection is setup. It also helps to have a battery to back up your computer during power outages so that it will recover your most recent work or shut down your device gracefully.

B) Current News

We have entered an interesting time where we are able to use technology all around the world in even the most remote areas to learn about and contribute to anything that interests us. Through this we are even able to learn about new technologies that can broaden our online and universal horizons.
"All the major cellular carriers are working flat out to prepare the so-called 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks, which will more than triple the speed and efficiency of today’s 3G connections"[2]

__Wireless connectivity__ has gained the feat of bluetooth. Bluetooth is a way of hands-free talking to some one on the phone. Bluetooth has evolved from the speaker phone ability and this example shows that wireless connectivity is evolving at a high rate of speed.The different ways to wirelessly connect to the internet and other people is slowly becoming confusing. With different type of wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, GPRS, IrDA and Bluetooth. These are just some of the many terms now being used to describe different types and ways of wirelessly connecting to other people and the internet.

We been growing to a point where, wireless has been floating around the world. Bluetooth and cell phone and other device that are able to connect to each though we don't stop there. Without them, our world would be to difficult to commutation with each other though paper and ink. A human mind is quite interesting since, we use wireless to show the world event that are taking place live in action. Everyday as the time tick by, new technology is born such as holograms. Holograms are quite useful since, it's save a lot more time to get to an event such as al gore at live earth.

Al Gore Hologram - Live Earth Tokyo from Musion Systems on Vimeo.

external image moz-screenshot-1.pngexternal image moz-screenshot-2.pngbluetooth

Areas of Impact

C) Education

Wireless Connectivity(Education):
Being able to connect to the people and ideas through wireless internet connection. It would affect school because:

external image laptop.jpg

Elementary School:In elementary schools there is not much need for wireless connectivity. However, it has had an impact on elementary school kids in that there are now wireless devices that children can learn how to read, better math, and many more things from a portable device. These portable devices are used as games so that children will enjoy them and they could take it in the car, to the grocery store, or even to the dentist. Devices such as these however are not being used in schools as much as learning outside of the classroom.

Middle/High School: Wireless connectivity can have a major role in making the world "flat" for kids in middle/high school. Recently, many classrooms have been connecting with others around the world. This has been through phones and computers, which includes the ability to talk "face to face" via Skype's video chat or other similar applications. This connects students from all around the world, and helps them learn more about the lives of others and their environments. This is HUGE in making the world flat by helping everyone interact and get on the same page. This could be a factor that will increase the productivity and effectiveness of students throughout the world. Teachers also use wireless connectivity during their lessons, demonstrating free, diverse content to help students learn in different, more efficient ways. Also, in high school many teachers tend to use the internet for students to turn in homework or projects. This makes it easier for the teachers to grade the assignment and it saves paper. The only complication for this is that if a student does not have access to the internet or a technical problem happens to their computer then the student would be unable to complete the assignment.

College: Wireless Connectivity affects college level students the most because they use it more often. College students are always on laptops, iPhones, and iPods looking up new information. People can also take college courses online. This is very good for adults who are looking to get a higher education, but does not have the time to take a course at the college campus.
(These two links have lots of great info. on wireless connectivity on education!)

There's currently a project going on because of the result of the Southern Africa Wireless Workshop(which took place in Pretoria), where they are trying to connect kids in Harare, Africa in secondary school to the internet wirelessly. This is a great idea, and will greatly benefit the children in Harare.
Learners use the Internet at Kwayedza Secondary School, February 2008. Photo: Muroro Dziruni
Learners use the Internet at Kwayedza Secondary School, February 2008. Photo: Muroro Dziruni

The 100-Dollar Laptop: 1 Laptop per Child
This program is based on giving a very low-cost, fun laptop to poor children in developing countries. The XO laptop is designed to make a path for them into the modern world. It gives them education in a completely new, ergonomic way that gives them joy. Now comes wireless connectivity, the laptop itself has 2 antennae that are for wireless connection to the internet. The children will be connected to the outside world to learn, develop their skills, play games, watch videos, admire photos.

Dziruni, Muroro. "The Wireless School Connectivity Project... a Concrete Outcome." GreenNet | Ethically Guided Broadband, Email, Website Development and Hosting. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <http://www.gn.apc.org/>.

Yuan YPeter N. (AAS) Mallory Birch RLHS
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D) Government, Politics and Employment

The wireless connectivity helps the government to improve the public activity on the internet. For example, E-Government is using the wireless technology to help the public and politics to do a lot of things in the internet, and in missiles.


mGovernment is a part of e-government which is the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve the activities of public sector organisations. mGovernment uses mobiles and wirless technology like mobile phones, laptops and PDAs (personal digital assistants). These technologies are connected to wireless local area networks (LANs). mGovernment provides information and services anywhere and anytime to the public and officials. http://mobileoffice.about.com/od/findingusinghotspots/l/blwificonnectio.htm
Roshini D. CVHS
external image free_wi_fi_spot.gifexternal image Free-wifi-San-Francisco-Bay-Area.png

E) Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

Analyze the topic's impact on the Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure. Include a brief summary on this main page of up to 200 words. Include one or more relevant images.

external image mario_kart_wii_box.jpgexternal image 10002.external image Xbox360Controller_WiredHeadset.png

Wireless Connectivity has affected entertainment for people mostly by gaming. Gaming uses the wireless connectivity of things called Lans. Lans are used for people could play other people in a game and they could be across the world. Lans have increased so much that they can talk to each other through the game. The players can be playing the game together but they can also talk about what they are going to do in the game. Another big one is the gaming controllers. The controllers can do two things at once. The first thing that they do is they can have you play from anywhere in the room. The other one is that you can plug in a headset into the controller and they can talk to other gamers. Wireless connectivity has changed the entertainment world. Where people can talk through a headset to another person clear across the world.LANs refers to local area networks. Some games that i have seen that are successful with online collaboration is runescape, mario kart wii, and Halo on X-Box live. All are super fun and it has expanded the gaming industry greatly.

F) Science, Environment, and Health

Analyze the impact of this topic on Science and the Environment and Impact on Health. Include a brief summary on this main page of up to 200 words. Include one or more relevant images.

Wireless Connectivity makes impacts upon Science and the Environment and Impact on Health. Wireless Connectivity has good points and bad points. The first good point is Wireless Connectivity can carry a lot of information so scientists take Wireless Connectivity more save time than they read books. The second good points Wireless Connectivity can be in communication with other scientists so they can always interchange information and argue with other scientists. Everybody too. However, Wireless Connectivity becomes increase of their inside time and they sometimes go out. The first bad point is they become little interest in the Environment, and they hardly do exercise so bad for their health.

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Group E: Group Stories (Symphony)

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Group F: How We Live (Play)

In this video, you will show how "....play is becoming an important part of work, business and personal well-being, it's importance manifesting itself in three ways: games, humor and joyfulness." pg 188 Pink


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